Hugo Zilliox

Web developer

Hi, I'm a french IT engineering student passionate about web development.

I'm a freelancer since 2014 and I can help you on your project!

I currently study at ENSIIE engineering school and you can discover on this site some projects I worked on.

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Now! R&D project:

Spontaneous meeting organizer (Android & Node.js webserver)

For the last semester at ENSIIE school, a couple of friends and I wanted to find a solution to schedule spontaneous meeting (such as "Wanna drink a beer now ?").

We created an application which give us the halfway point between members and find the best place around which feets our need (bar, movie theater, restaurant ...). No more problem finding and choosing an opened place; 'Now!' does it for us and provides us the direction.


Maritime flags in single element pure CSS

The goal of this project was to manipulate CSS pseudo-elements. The idea came from my last holidays near the sea. I saw flags and wanted to know their meanings. At the same time I read an interesting article about :before and :after possibilities in CSS.

I decided to recreate these flags with only one element each as a challenge and an opportunity to discover and learn more about CSS. At least I created a single page to show the result and provide the CSS file.

Cash Balance:

Calculate the total amount of a pile of coins through their weight

When I saw a friend counting its 60+ pieces of 20 euro cent to know the total amount of its cash register I thought that he looses a lot of times and increases its mistakes probability with so many calculations.

Fortunately he also owns an accurate scale and the idea came instantaneously : Instead of counting, the scale will provide the total weight of all the pieces of a certain amount. Then with some calculations it's possible to find the total amount of the cash register.


Custom template for Apache directory

I don't really like the default FTP folder interface. I used to use the h5ai solution but I wanted a lighter alternative. I searched through different work from other developers and wanted to know more about .htaccess capacities and options.

With documentation and inspiration, I created my own responsive theme that fits my need